BMT and Its Technology Partners Combine to Offer Formidable Support and R&D Resources. Investment Exceeds $8 Million Annually

The Technology Partners Invest $8 Million Annually in R&D, While Offering 177 Personnel to Work With Home Builder Customers, Far Outranking Resources Offered by Competing Solutions

Denver — December 8, 2015 — BuilderMT, the widely-acknowledged market share leader in workflow management solutions for mid-market home builders, today announced that BuilderMT and its technology partners combine to offer a formidable array of support and R&D resources. Together, Avid Ratings, BuilderMT, CG Visions, Hyphen Solutions, Punchlist Manager, Sales Simplicity and Western Computer collectively invest $8,000,000 (eight million dollars) in research and development each year.

Additionally, these “best of breed” solutions collectively offer a team of 56 of the home building industry’s top software developers, as well as 42 additional personnel in support roles. For consultants, who all work directly with clients on a daily basis, the technology partners collectively offer 79 full-time experts.

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All totaled, the technology partners – Avid Ratings, BuilderMT, CG Visions, Hyphen Solutions, Punchlist Manager, Sales Simplicity and Western Computer – offer a team of 177 personnel that work directly with clients or on developing multiple-award-winning software solutions.

With $8,000,000 in yearly investment and 177 personnel, it is no surprise that each of these solutions is the clear #1 market share leader in its sector.

Moreover, in case study after case study, this “best of breed” approach to providing solutions has proved to be the most advantageous to customers of these companies, allowing the developers of each individual solution to perfect the offering and deliver excellence to an expanding user base.

“When a home builder constructs a home, he uses a ‘best of breed’ approach, relying on specialty trades, as opposed to employing generalists. We take this same approach to software, but the advantage to our customers is clear: We pre-integrate all the solutions, so they work seamlessly as one,” said Ward Griffith, BuilderMT’s General Manager.

“Competitors who sell to production home builders often claim that they are ‘single database solutions’ but this is often not the case,” added Tom Gebes, BuilderMT’s President. “Today, almost every home building solution relies on multiple databases. The question is how well they are integrated. That’s where we really shine, and our market share leadership and string of awards attest to our high standards of excellence.”




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For the home building industry at large, BuilderMT (a MiTek company) provides highly-customizable workflow and building-process-management software that works in tandem with leading accounting systems and other wireless and jobsite productivity tools, such as CRM and warranty management. For 20 years, BuilderMT systems have been purchased by more than 1,000 home builders and cumulatively used as a desktop workflow tool by upwards of 10,000 home building professionals. BuilderMT is widely recognized as a leader in process-driven, best-building-practices for home builders, as well as customer service, warranty applications, online training and innovative wireless applications. To learn more, visit, or call (888) 757-1991 ext. 271.


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