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Through our various Advisory Groups, BuilderMT is the #1 market share leader and the most-award-winning software provider for production home builders. Since our inception, BuilderMT has sold more than 1,000 systems to builders in the US, Canada and Australia. Our clients are essential in helping BuilderMT stay focused on their needs and requirements. All of our clients have the opportunity to request a software enhancement, which is then reviewed by our Advisory Group (this happens once per quarter), and then these top requests are added to BuilderMT’s suite of solutions.

Even during the housing downturn, BuilderMT never stopped listening to our clients and enhancing our software. Just within the last three years alone, BuilderMT has added over 1,000 new features to our WMS (Workflow Management Suite). If your software provider is not doing this for you today, you should ask them, “Why not?”

Some of the key features and productivity tools we have added to our software over the past few years include:

  1. Best of Breed/Best of Class

With the focus on this business methodology, BuilderMT has seen tremendous growth since our inception. This has proven to the market that no single software company can create the best solutions for the various tasks a builder has within its operations. BuilderMT has engaged with the other top technology and service providers in the residential building sector to ensure these companies have a standard platform to integrate our technologies, so builders do not have to concern themselves with making the technology work. Instead, they can focus on how to use the technologies to improve their bottom-line.

2. BIL (Builder Integration Library)

We developed this series of APIs and a common structure for all of the integrations BuilderMT enters into with our accounting and strategic technology partners. The BIL is a web-based solution that listens for calls and requests to our database, to and from an outside source, in and out of the WMS database, without any user interaction. This gives you the best software solutions working together to run your business.

3. Accounting integrations

WMS integrates with Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline) and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. However, with our Builder Integration Library, we have clients who have developed integrations to other accounting applications.

4. BIM (Building Information Modeling)

With our partnership with CG Visions and our parent company, MiTek®, BuilderMT offers integration with the top-rated BIM software in the market –Revit, Vertex, Vision Rez and SAPPHIRE™ Build

5. Bid Management

This feature is included in our Purchasing module and allows our builders to solicit bids from their trades and suppliers through an Excel quote sheet or online using our Builder Portal for Trades and then compare these bids.

6. MoM (Models and Options Manager)

This module allows our builders to quickly build their plans and options by company, division and community. MoM integrates with WMS Bidding and Purchasing as well as our estimating solutions within WMS to create detailed budgets and generate custom option quotes to the buyer.

7. Multi-Unit Scheduling

With the increase of multi-family building among our clients, BuilderMT has added Multi-Unit Scheduling to address the needs of builders who are in this market space. We continue to enhance and improve the entire WMS solution to fulfill our multi-family builders’ needs.

8. Builder Portal

BuilderMT wrote our own BMT Cloud Software, which we call Builder Portal. This product was designed to work with the top browsers and mobile devices. We offer:

Builder Portal for Supers – Your field project managers or superintendents manage thousands, if not millions, of dollars of your homes under construction. They deserve the best tools to manage your projects and communicate with trades and suppliers.

Builder Portal for Trades – Your trades and suppliers need to be aware of purchase orders, schedules, documents, changes and all of the relevant information within the projects on which they’re working.

Builder Portal Collaboration – Provides effective communication between your trades, suppliers, home office staff and managers to oversee residential construction projects and to improve the success of these projects.

Builder Portal VPO – Unfortunately variances are part of a homebuilder’s world. You need a tool that manages the VPOs and holds people responsible for these “profit leaks” within and outside your organization.

Builder Portal Document Management – Documentation is never ending, not only to manage the entire construction process from design, bidding, construction and warranty, but also to track issues relating to potential litigation. You need a solution that can organize documents and share them among the inside and outside construction teams.

9. Reporting

BuilderMT has heard from many of our clients (who switched to us from our competition) that reporting was a major decision factor when selecting a new system. WMS has multiple methods to generate reports using internal reporting tools, Crystal Reports, Excel, Jet Reports (data cubes), as well as an open database architecture to extract data using ODBC and other reporting environments.

See for yourself why BuilderMT is the number one, most-widely-used and award-winning software provider in the market and how we can help your homebuilding company be more efficient and improve your bottom-line. Contact us at info@buildermt.com.

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