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Joining Together to Create a More Comprehensive Homebuilding Software Solution

By partnering with other industry leaders, we are able to expand our commitment to the homebuilding industry and extend the capabilities of our homebuilding software solutions.

The BuilderMT Workflow Management Suite makes it possible for homebuilders to manage their labor and construction costs, access contracts and to find reasons for a variance. This homebuilding software also works in conjunction with popular front-end and back-end office software, allowing separate office functions to communicate with each other.

Event1 Software


Intelligent Excel-based Reports for Sage 300 – We will make it worth your while! 
Dramatically improve how you share and work with your most vital information from within Excel using a real time, integrated connection to your data. Create your reportonce and refresh your data on demand with Office Connector. Intelligent Excel-based reporting for Sage 300, offers you advantages you never thought possible. James Coyle, President of Event 1Software, Inc. – “In creating the Office Connector product line, I’ve noticed that companies have a tendency to fail to recognize the immense potential our technology represents, until they deploy. At first glance, it is extremely common for them to think of our technology as a simple extension of what Sage 300 already has, simply improving on how reports or inquiries are sent to Excel (making the result more useful).

In fact our technology is revolutionary relative to how most people think about using Excel. We want to acknowledge we can dramatically improve on the results they initially expect and we can do much more than what they may otherwise hope for.

We want to invite them to open their minds to the possibility of a gigantic leap forward in how they share information within their company and how they interact with information relative to Sage 300 and BuilderMT.

“We’ve found if the customer attends one of our webinars with this mindset of, “Hmm… maybe this product can do more than what I originally thought…”, they not only find a solution to the original issue they were exploring when they initially learned about our technology, they also begin to think about other pain points. We can then begin documenting those pain points. In some cases we address the initial opportunity and create a follow up to explore the bigger picture.” See for yourself how Office Connector Products and Services can provide increased ROI in your Sage 300 and BuilderMT products. 
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Launched in 1991 as Create-A-Check, Piracle continues to provide efficient and secure options to generate MICR check and electronic ACH payments.

MICR Check Benefits:

  • Print MICR checks to blank check stock for a more secure and cost effective way to pay your vendors, customers, and employees
  • Print checks complete with digitized logos and signatures so you no longer have to manually sign checks
  • Generate Positive Pay files as your best line of defense against check fraud
  • Utilize a payment approval process using dollar thresholds, providing more oversight into what payments are being generated

Electronic ACH Payment Benefits:

  • Transition your office to electronic payments for up to 50% reduction in the cost and time to it takes to generate and process your payments
  • Eliminate paper and send email remittance for payment notifications

Outsource your Check Printing and ACH Payments:

  • Gain significant time and cost savings by outsourcing your payments to Piracle
  • We will print, assemble, and mail your vendor, customer, and employee checks on your behalf at a fraction of the cost it takes for you to do in-house
  • Click here to learn more

Piracle has helped BuilderMT end user of all sizes streamline and secure their payment processes for over 10 years with all Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor products.

Josie Wollenzien
Account Manager
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Sage Construction and Real Estate Forms

Sage Construction and Real Estate Forms – Sage CRE Forms is the exclusive forms provider for all your checks, forms and tax forms. These are the only forms guaranteed by Sage Software Construction and Real Estate to be accurate, compliant and compatible with your Sage 300 and Master Builder software. For over 30 years, value, service and quality have gone into every product all backed by our “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”!
800.760.7929 (p)

SAI Consulting


SAI Consulting, Inc. is engaged in the residential construction industry on behalf of clients intent on improving operating performance, profitability and economic return, by becoming faster, more productive homebuilding companies.  We focus on the following areas:

  • Business Process Management
  • Performance Compensation
  • Competitive and Current Reality Assessments
  • Results-Based Continuous Improvement


Sage CRE

No matter where your business fits into the building lifecycle-new construction, subcontracting, property management-Sage offers a solution to fit your needs. Our construction software and real estate software solutions are backed by more than 30 years of experience and award-winning support. Manage and connect all aspects of your business with integrated construction software solutions for accounting, estimating, project management, procurement, and more.

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