One main emphasis we have placed on new features and products in WMS is to continue receiving input on these enhancements by encouraging those clients who are interested in becoming more involved with the direction of our software to join our product advisory groups.  These groups have been instrumental in the past with the creation of Bid Management, Model and Option Manager, Mobile Scheduling, Multi-Unit Scheduling, Superintendent Portal and much more within our WMS product line.  We take pride in being a “Client-Driven System.” You, the builder, require continual process improvement and technology solutions in order to be a better-managed and profitable home builder. BuilderMT wants to continue to be your technology partner and maintain our position as the most widely-used production solution in this market.

If you want to be a part of the BuilderMT Advisory Group, there are a number of requirements we want to make sure you agree with in order to be considered for such a group: 

  1. Must agree to sign the BuilderMT Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  2. Must be an active BuilderMT WMS Client and on a current support and maintenance plan.
  3. Must agree to attend conference calls, web sessions and other sessions concerning the design, features and functional requirements of new or enhanced applications.
  4. We hold quarterly Advisory Group meetings which we hold to one hour.  There may be others within the quarter depending on what new products we have coming out.
  5. Must be committed to providing input within the product group(s) you would like to join and have expertise within these functional product group(s).
  6. Must be willing to be involved in final testing of applications prior to general release, if needed.



Groups We’ve Created:

  1. Estimating and Database Management
  2. Bidding and Purchasing
  3. Sales Pricing and Sales Simplicity Integration
  4. Scheduling and Multi-Unit Scheduling
  5. Builder Portal
  6. Accounting Integrations
  7. Warranty Integrations


Please contact Ward Griffith if you are interested in joining one or more of these advisory groups:  1-888-757-1991 ext 6271

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