The Builder Portal represents the third generation of BuilderMT’s field productivity tools. We have combined the features and functions found within the BuilderMT’s Superintendent Portal and Trade Portal and combined them in the Builder Portal. This “role based” and cloud based solution runs under the powerful state of the art BMT Cloud and can utilize all of the most popular browsers and any mobile device. The BMT Cloud is a multi-tenant SaaS platform, which uses SQL Server database and supports both off-premise and self-hosted deployments.

Builder Portal for Superintendents

The Builder Portal, when accessed by a user with a Superintendent’s role, offers the following:

  • It provides additional functionality in WMS to further meet the needs of our Builder clients by extending the use of WMS Purchasing, Scheduling and other features to the field.
  • It allows superintendents to manage various aspects of their daily tasks via the web. It can expand the Mobile Scheduling module to offer more scheduling detail on a larger screen (i.e. notebook, laptop, iPad, etc.).
  • Users can review construction documents in the field.
  • Users can collaborate with office staff, trades, vendors and others involved with the construction process via a message center without having to rely on Microsoft Outlook.
  • It can track purchase orders, schedules, approval of invoices/purchase orders, payments, etc. for subs, vendors and material men.

Builder Portal for Trades, Suppliers and Vendors

The Trade Portal function of Builder Portal is a web-based application giving the trades/subcontractors and vendor’s access to a cloud based application which provides flexible, interactive, real-time communications between trades and the Builder’s staff.  Trade-specific information like bid requests and quotations, schedules, payments, purchase orders, documents and notifications are available to the trades 24/7.  Whenever a change is made in WMS, it is instantly communicated to the trades without the need to send e-mails, make phone calls, or perform downloads to wireless devices.

Trades have a flexible, secure, real-time mechanism to access:

  • Bid Management
  • Schedules
  • Payments
  • Purchase orders
  • Notifications and other communications
  • Project Documents
  • Collaboration between trades/suppliers/vendors and their superintendents

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