Builder Portal VPO has been designed to allow field staff to request a Variance Purchase Order in the field using a mobile device or computer browser accessing the Internet, in order to not involve the office staff unless a dollar amount threshold is exceeded.

The BuilderMT VPO process uses the powerful cloud based Builder Portal for creating, sending, and approving variance purchase orders on a mobile device, using state of the art web forms and integration with WMS database in real-time.

Builder Portal VPO is being released with two workflow templates; standard and enhanced.

Builder Portal VPO High Level Overview


  • Constant communication between your suppliers, supers and in-house staff using Builder Portal VPO’s Collaboration messaging
  • Ability to setup multiple E-mail addresses to use for notifications of routing, reviewing and approving VPOs
  • Drop down lists pull company, division, area, vendor and items automatically from the WMS database
  • Ability for one time items
  • Dollar amount threshold for automatic approval of VPO
  • Ability to handle Charge Backs
  • Rules can be applied to the workflow
  • Ability to review task history
  • It’s a flexible process, with a few setup decisions based on your business needs, you can be up and running quickly

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