Liberty Reports for Use with BuilderMT’s Workflow Management Suite

Liberty Reports is an Excel add-in that provides data from one or more WMS databases for reporting. Using the embedded Liberty Reports add-in, Excel becomes the environment in which you design and run reports.

Liberty Reports

What is the advantage of using Liberty Reports?

With Liberty Reports, the report design is already in Excel, therefore you can take advantage of the powerful analysis features (formulas, formatting, graphs, filters, etc.) already there.
Because the environment is Excel, you can leverage existing skillsets; most users already have some level of skillset with Excel.

The report design is retained, saving you the time-consuming work of reformatting, rearranging, adding formulas, etc. You set up the report once, and the next time you want to see the current results, all you do is refresh the data.

What Kind of Licensing do I Need?

Liberty Reports has two types of licenses: Standard and Designer. The standard license is less expensive, and is for users who will run reports. The Designer license provides all the design capabilities and is intended for users who will create report designs.

The Liberty Reports Toolbar offers powerful tools for getting data from WMS and setting up formulas and functions

Some of the most-used features are:

The Query Wizard guides you step-by-step through selecting tables and their columns from the WMS database to give you the data for the report. It is an intelligent tool that assists the user by providing previews on each screen of what the data looks like. After picking the tables and their columns to use, you can apply conditions, sorting, and summarization, all done through a user interface – you do not have to know code!

The Function Wizard guides you step-by-step through screens to help you introduce individual pieces of data from the WMS database, like getting a single job description or job ID. It also has a user-friendly interface that lets you pick the data you want quickly and without digging into code.

The Manage Connections interface makes it easy to switch from one WMS database to another, and even offers the option of introducing additional WMS databases to source a report.

The Edit SQL interface offers insight to the code driving the report, should there be a need to see it; the code can be edited and saved, and immediately the change takes effect.

Additional Features

Sample Reports

The community of homebuilders using Liberty Reports for WMS is growing! Sign up for a demonstration today so you can see the many benefits Liberty Reports has to offer.

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