The Easiest Way Yet to Build a Models & Options Database

With the New WMS Models and Options Manager (MoM) for Windows The WMS Models and Options module is a collection of utilities for defining and maintaining the Models and Options in a home builder’s product line. This module provides the functions to create and manage the master list of Models and Options from within the WMS application and database.


Why WMS MoM?

  • Consistency and ease-of-use
  • Rapid build out of database
  • Faster implementation into WMS and Sales Pricing

Please contact the BuilderMT Professional Services group if you wish to make preparations or schedule training for implementing new WMS MoM. Details of this new feature are also available in the WMS online help.  For additional information on training and consulting on MoM, please contact Anna Gelt, Professional Services Manager: 303.459.7620.

WMS MoM Features

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Additional Features


Main benefit: Maintain a standard library of option templates – organized by Option Category

Add/Update Category

  • Define default markup type and percent for each category
  • Updates automatically to each division’s Sales Pricing Option Categories – and to the Models/Options that use these categories
  • Reassigning an Option to a different category automatically flows through to Master Models and Options and Community Models and Options (if not protected from Master)

Add Option

  • Unique Option Name is required for each Master Options
  • Attributes of the Option are: Category, Option Size, Unit, Notes, Global, Base House
  • Ability to flag Master Options as base house – allows for multiple base house templates.

Add Item

  • This function works the same as Add Item in Model Manger

Master Items

Main Benefit: Rapid setup and definition of Purchasing Activities and Master Lump Sum items in one screen

Update flow automatically to all divisions using the MoM DB – Most Purchasing Activity defaults can now be defined at the MoM DB level – rather than having to define for each division

Trades – uses the Company Trades from Setup Trades screen

Purchasing Activities – Add/Update/Delete

  • Purchasing Activities are set-up under each trade
  • Adding a Purchasing Activity automatically adds a lump sum Master Item for that activity. This saves setup time and enables rapid build out of Master Options and Models/Options
  • Purchasing activities can be renamed, flowing through to division Purchasing Activities, Estimates and Existing Purchase Orders
  • Attributes of the Purchasing Activity – Description, Release Code, Trade, Schedule Activity Link, Document Types, PO Sorting Options, Include Selection, Taxable Items, Default Phase (for non-lump sum items) Master Purchasing Activity, and Notes
  • Grid View for easier Editing of Purchasing Activities within a Trade

Add Item

  • Add/Edit and Delete Items within the selected Purchasing Activity
  • All items are assigned to a default Purchasing Activity – which can be changed when the item is used in a Master Option or Model Option
  • Attributes of an Item: Description, Default Purchasing Activity, Takeoff Unit, Order Unit, Rounding Type, Rounding Multiple, Conversion Factor (Take/Order Units), Multiply/Divide for Conversion factor, Waste Percentage, Exclude from PO Flag, Lump Sum Flag, Taxable Flag and Notes
  • Grid View for easier editing of Items within a Purchasing Activity

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