Manage the information exchange between WMS and front-end sales automation applications

Using Sales Pricing to create retail sales prices, your home office and sales offices can now share this information. The purchasing department will know the costs and detail and the sales office will know the retail sales price. In conjunction with leading sales automation applications, it provides information such as lot inventory, buyer contact details, contract information, community information, and community-specific models and options retail pricing. This eliminates unnecessary duplication of data entry and provides an integrated workflow between departments.

Setting Prices

Simplifying the task of generating sales prices for various plans and options by community, the software streamlines the process of calculating pricing. Working with pricing work-sheets, you’re able to establish the sales price of each plan or option and mark up costs by a percentage or by setting a market value.

Analyzing Prices

As a management analysis tool, Sales Pricing eliminates the need to maintain a separate sales price spreadsheet or database and can be used to play what-if scenarios for future pricing.

Sales Center Integration

Features and Efficiencies:
  • Use the “sales contract analyzer” by plan elevation to determine the gross margin based on plan, elevation and option (custom or standard) and determine, with current up-to-date costs and retail sales prices, if the agreement should be ratified and sent to purchasing.
  • Easily review list price, selling price, sales concession and list price margin percent using the Sales Contract Approval screen.
  • Review, but not approve, information sent by the sales center software and forward it to the sales representative for any necessary renegotiation.
  • Quickly review sales agreements electronically to determine if premium upgrades should be targeted for an particular home or community.
  • Manually enter sales pricing if a sales center system is not in use.
  • Automatically generate budgets and purchase orders once a contract is approved. The budgets and purchase orders include buyer and retail sales pricing information by plan, elevation and option.
  • Analyze budgets and purchase orders using accounting reporting tools.
  • Quickly review information by community, job, sales contract configuration, base house and options as well as change orders.
  • Manage change orders from the sales center and send change order information to accounting for management reporting and tracking purposes.
  • Send buyer information from the sales center system to the accounting Job Cost database.

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