One Turn-Key Solution

Today, builders are more like project managers, but they are ultimately responsible for every aspect of the home, from sales to warranty. It is for this reason that we created BuilderMT Workflow Management Suite (WMS) and our suite of fully-integrated products. Our philosophy is that one software company CANNOT be the best at every aspect of delivering a “total end-to-end solution” to the builder. For this reason, we chose to focus on creating several core modules which integrate seamlessly to the best Estimating, Accounting, Warranty, BIM and Sales Center solutions in the industry. The concept is no different than your company picking the best subcontractors or trades by sector to work on a quality finished product.

Workflow Management Suite (WMS)

One Turn-Key Home Builder Software Solution

What Our Clients Are Saying About: Workflow Management Suite

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our BuilderMT system. Once again, you and your staff have done an excellent job in producing a superior product. I have just begun to bid out our next job using the Bid Management tool. I was extremely happy to see, in the most recent version, the ability to export bid sheets in true excel format and that you were able to have the cells locked and highlighted to keep them from being changed by the bidders. This took care of one of the biggest problem I had when using those bid sheets in the past. It speaks volumes of your company in how during one of the most difficult times in our industry you have been able to not only maintain your product but still develop and improve upon it as well. I am sure most others would have curtailed any development of their software and understandably so given the strains put on our industry during the last few years. Thanks again for another terrific update!

– Stephen Cava, Director of Estimating, Purchasing and Special Projects, W.B. Homes

With over 25 years in the building industry and over half of that devoted to streamlining purchasing departments processes and procedures, BuilderMT in the best system in our industry. So much so, that when I started Builder Purchasing Services, it was the system I chose along with Timberline accounting. Its integration with Timberline has been a blessing for our builder clients that have Timberline accounting. We are able to integrate our information out of BuilderMT directly with their accounting system. It’s like they have a full service purchasing department in house without the cost of personnel or systems to do so. If they don’t have Timberline accounting, we are able to provide real time job cost management for them through our integrated systems. BuilderMT has an online VPO process that my clients can access from the field and directly integrate into BuilderMT. By utilizing this process, our builders never have their trades working without a purchase order and since it integrates into BuilderMT, the VPO’s are reflected into their budget upon submittal. This process eliminates surprises from Trades turning in invoices at a later date. I have used and/or looked into all of the systems mentioned in this discussion, but ultimately went with BuilderMT to run my company.

– Mark Henderson, President, Builder Purchasing Services LLC

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