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With Options Online, Prospective New Home Buyers Can Self-Select Their Model, Lot, and Options on the Web

Linked to Real-Time Inventory, Options Online™ (formerly BuilderUX), a plugin for Sales Simplicity. Passes Information-Rich Registered Leads to Sales Agents, as Prospects Use the Web to Up-Sell Themselves.

Build Your Home

Options Online is a web-services company that offers inventory-driven development of interactive websites for production home builders. A core Options Online offering is the Build Your Home™ process.

Offered as a direct plug-in to Sales Simplicity, or a stand-alone web development service, the Build Your Home™ process uses live inventory data for models, lots, and options to enable website visitors to self-select and configure their new homes on the home builder’s branded website.

eLeads Synced with Sales Simplicity

Sales SimplicityAs home buyers or prospects build out their dream home, the sales lead is captured, and an information-rich record of the prospects’ selections is automatically sent to the sales team as a registered lead. Since Options Online is a Sales Simplicity plugin, all of the captured information flows directly into Sales Simplicity.

As part of its solution, Options Online’s team can not only build the home builder’s website, but it also configures the home builder’s models, images, topo maps and option rationalization, which are offered in accordance with the home builder’s rules.

A Better Home Buying Experience

Options Online’s Build Your Home™ is a five-step, customizable guided tour through the Home Building Experience. Based on the home builder’s rules, the prospects and buyers visiting a home builder’s website can self-select their dream subdivision, their dream plan, and their dream lot. Then, they self-select their options to fill the house. Build Your Home allows customers ample time to increase the purchase price of the home in the comfort of their own homes by allowing them a selection process that they control.

Plan Selection

Plan Select

Lot Selection Through Topo

Lot Selection

Option Selection With Rules

Builder UX Option Selection

Client Success

Wade Jurney Homes

Wade Jurney Homes, the Fastest-Growing Private Home Builder in the US Powers Sales with BuilderMT, Sales Simplicity, and Options Online™

Wade Jurney Starts On Average Ten Homes a Day, Including Weekends, with Sales Simplicity, Options Online, and BuilderMT Managing Sales and Workflows


A recent Build Your Home™ implementation at WIHCON developers proved a dramatic enhancement over the company’s previous sales model.

“A large part of our digital marketing channel development was the creation of a new website. But the website we needed had to draw upon databases, inventory, and options rules from within Sales Simplicity,” said WIHCON’s Stacey Walker. “We needed an engaging, interactive environment. The team from Options Online came in and built that website, loaded our inventory and options databases, and had us running in eight weeks. The team was fabulous in helping us to imagine and develop the customer-facing aspects of WIHCON.”

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