What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Clients

We would like to express our pleasure with BuilderMT’s products and services.  From the helpful and responsive staff to the continuous improvement of products and services, it is obvious that BuilderMT is focused on the future.

One way that BuilderMT stands out from other application developers is by involving clients in the product enhancement approval process through the use of Advisory Committees.  This unique approach gives clients input in shaping the future of the different product lines.  Not only do we get to voice our opinions and suggestion, but we get to hear how other clients use the products.  With so much input, how can we not be 100% invested in BuilderMT?

We recently implemented Scheduling/Superintendent Portal.  Building on the success of that project, we are planning to implement Sales Pricing in the next year.  We look forward to continuing to grow with BuilderMT!


– Michelle Elrod, IT Applications Manager, Landmark Homes

With over 25 years in the building industry and over half of that devoted to streamlining purchasing departments processes and procedures, BuilderMT is the best system in our industry. So much so, that when I started Builder Purchasing Services, it was the system I chose along with Timberline accounting. Its integration with Timberline has been a blessing for our builder clients that have Timberline accounting. We are able to integrate our information out of BuilderMT directly with their accounting system. It’s like they have a full service purchasing department in house without the cost of personnel or systems to do so. If they don’t have Timberline accounting, we are able to provide real time job cost management for them through our integrated systems.  BuilderMT has an online VPO process that my clients can access from the field and directly integrate into BuilderMT. By utilizing this process, our builders never have their trades working without a purchase order and since it integrates into BuilderMT, the VPO’s are reflected into their budget upon submittal. This process eliminates surprises from Trades turning in invoices at a later date.I have used and/or looked into all of the systems mentioned in this discussion, but ultimately went with BuilderMT to run my company.

– Mark Henderson, President, Builder Purchasing Services LLC

Thanks for continuing to make your software product better and better as the years go by.  I have always appreciated your company’s willingness to listen to what we need in the market place and look forward to helping you make it better in the future. I believe that those who are willing to change and adapt to what the market wants will be big winners in the long run.  Those that are not will sadly fall by the way side.
– D Logan, Logan Developers, Inc.

Roger – I just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding support you provided this past Friday supporting a new server install. Builder MT worked perfect! Another testament to the company BuilderMT is and the lengths you go to service your clients. Your time and effort were very much appreciated.


– Stephen Cava Director of Purchasing, Estimating and Special Projects, W.B. Homes, Inc.

Builder MT is an amazing product and has everything you could ever need in a construction software system. Depending on the size of your company it may be more than you need. If I’m not mistaken, more Builders use Builder MT than all the other construction software companies combined so there is lots of support.

– Nathan Lambert, Director of Purchasing, SEDA Construction Company

We just wrapped up our training with Mike and we are now officially live. We have a ton more work to do, but we have come a long way in the past 90 days and are excited about the system. I wanted to let you know that Mike has been great. He is well organized and really knows his stuff. His calm demeanor is very helpful when dealing with stressed out students, breaking things down so we can understand it. Mike is a big asset to your organization. Have a great weekend.


– Wolf Korndoerfer, Korndoerfer Homes

I use Builder MT and Timberline estimating for 575 housing starts per year. From cost entry to VPO’s and Purchase Orders, this system has integrated all of our processes into one streamlined process. With 3 divisions in 3 separate states, we have been able to use the same software with all accounting processes being handled at our corporate office. The ROI has been very impressive and I would recommend this software to anyone who wants to streamline processes and reduce overhead costs.


-Mark Rummel, Purchasing and Contracting Administrator, Desert View/Aspen View Homes

Fusion Homes Testimonial

Builder MT offers the most comprehensive on-line help and training I have ever encountered from a software company.  Builder MT’s customer service is off the charts.  My IT consultant agrees.  The combination of Purchasing and Scheduling with Trade Portal and makes the managing of multiple projects with fewer Trade Partners possible, reducing build time and overhead.

– John Leibach, Hagler Systems

Ryder Homes Testimonial

We can now generate reports specific to customers and properties without having to sift through countless reports manually. We can handle requests in a more streamlined fashion – and our customers are happier!

– Vicki Buckridge, IT Manager, Ryder Homes

We use Timberline, and BuilderMT Works excellent, Vendors love the web access, and ease of use once set up is great. Only one caveat this is production builder software, unless you have an on staff estimator, then it can easily be adapted for custom too. As a production though you can take from contract to Vendor priced, account loaded for approvals and PO delivered in about 15 min. We do it every day and the money to our bottom line shows the savings.
– Tim Aloi, VP of Operations, Craftmaster Homes Inc.

Roger – I just wanted to take a moment to tell you thanks for the help last month with some of our network issues. Our biggest culprit for performance issues was our mail archiving program (GFI) being on the same server. On the surface it was not throwing up any red flags when you looked at some of the different server performance metrics. Once we moved the program off the server, and made a few other small changes, the user experience for WMS came back to an acceptable level.

Thanks again for the help!


– Justin Myers, Eastwood Homes

“I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I like the Phase Release and Supplier Contract parts of the BuilderMT WMS Purchasing Module.  In this time of short staff, this has been a godsend.  I am currently the only person in the Metropolitan Homes, purchasing department and must handle all responsibilities from bidding, negotiating, contracting, issuing and approving PO’s.

We are in the process of actually starting a new community, and I was a little afraid of not having the time to bid the project, contract the Vendors, create the price data base, and issue PO’s quickly enough to fit our start schedule.  The Phase Release and Supplier Contract has allowed me to enter my accepted bids, print a custom created Pricing Addendum form for my Vendor Contract, which automatically creates my cost data base, and allows me to send PO’s the same day!

I’m no longer retyping bid numbers for contract documents, which has saved me so much time and aggravation.  I don’t have to go through the creation of all of the estimates to pull and shove prices in and out.  The process is clean and simple and I love it!”

– Melodee Gerlach, Purchasing Manager, Metropolitan Homes

Cassidi did a great job of responding to our help ticket with quick and informative e-mails, when we spoke on the problem Cassidi was patient, helpful and knowledgeable. This particular instance was more on the Sage side and I was in contact with Jeff at Sage who did a great job as well.  I like how Cassidi kept on the topic until it was resolved even after it went into Jeff’s hands at Sage.

Cynthia helped us over the phone after a couple of e-mails to search out some additional information.  When we did speak with Cynthia on the phone we had three people listening in and working on different aspects of the call, we were getting additional information or testing commands with Cynthia’s direction.  The whole process went quickly, and without a problem.  We enjoyed how Cynthia was patient and knowledgeable on the topics along with providing some additional options for us to try.

Both times we interacted with the Support services team we received quality service and resolution.  We enjoyed the experience and are glad to know we have this level of quality for us to use.  Thank you!
– Dan Gorski, V.P. of Purchasing & Design, Tim O’Brien Homes

I just finished up a support call with Donna and I must tell you how thankful I am for her. She is “A-1”, top-notch, just plain fantastic. Thank you for hiring and keeping the best employees during these most challenging times. Specifically, she solves my problems, with thoughtfulness, anticipating potential pitfalls, she looks forward to future possibilities and does this all with a very sweet and kind attitude. From a business/sales side of things, she is also sure to inform us of BuilderMT products that may be of use to us.   Thank you again and we wish you and your team the best success as we seek to grow amid adversity.
– Sean Betta, Controller, Bob Adams Homes

BuilderMT Bid Management along with Trade Portal has shortened our bid time by a week on our Production Homes and two weeks on our Semi-Custom Homes.  I can literally bid out and entire home in three days, release for construction and have all my costs stored or updated in cost database during the bid process.  I no longer have to track down trades to clarify bid items, everything comes to me apples for apples.  I accept the trades costs and my budgets are built.  And because we are short staffed due to the economy this has really helped us keep our Purchasing Dept. ahead of the game.
– Chuck Marshall, Sunriver Development

Reference on Donna is easy:   Donna Barden has been an awesome help to BBH in assisting with the formatting of profit reports and daily reports.  Donna also assists us with year-end payroll, walking through each and every step.   Without Donna’s assistance with some of our reports and year end, it would take us most likely double to triple the time for us to do it on our own, therefore saving the company money.  Donna is always flexible when we have a delay and can’t make a meeting and works within our schedules.   If Donna doesn’t know the answer, she gets back with us in a reasonable amount of time.   Donna has also assisted other members of our teams on various tasks, and I have had nothing but great things said about her.  We would, without hesitation, be honored to let any builder know how very capable she is.
-Debi Soriano, Controller, Brock Built Homes, LLC

Tim O’Brien Homes Testimonial

Thank you so much for the rapid response. Your product continues to provide us an operational advantge over our competitors in this difficult market.

– Steve Wasdin, Grayhawk Homes

I am fast to let folks know when I am less than pleased. Let me be just as fast to says a special thanks to Donna for answering her cell phone on Saturday and getting me connected with BMT support after our server hard drive went out and we completed the replacement. Top notch customer service!

-Tim Blackstock , Purchasing Manager, Hubbell Homes

At our end we have been experiencing a severe drop in customer service as support teams were slashed, and attitudes got dark.  I wanted to make sure that I let you know that Kimbra Slusser remains an exceptional and pleasant to deal with person on all levels. She responds and acts quickly, consistently maintaining a helpful and positive attitude.  Sharon just sent me an email that Kimbra gets an A++ for quickly resolving something she encountered this morning. It made me pretty darn happy to know we suffered little down time.

– Candyce C. Fleming, Purchasing Manager, Walters Group

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our BuilderMT system. Once again, you  and your staff have done an excellent job in producing a superior product. I have just begun to bid out our next job using the Bid Management tool. I was extremely happy to see, in the most recent version, the ability to export bid sheets in true excel format and that you were able to have the cells locked and highlighted to keep them from being changed by the bidders. This took care of one of the biggest problem I had when using those bid sheets in the past.

It speaks volumes of your company in how during one of the most difficult times in our industry you have been able to not only maintain your product but still develop and improve upon it as well. I am sure most others would have curtailed any development of their software and understandably so given the strains put on our industry during the last few years. Thanks Again for another terrific update!

– Stephen Cava, Director of Estimating, Purchasing and Special Projects, W.B. Homes

Using the Workflow Management Suite, our scheduling is automated. We were able to take someone spending 80% of their time updating schedule and use them elsewhere in the company. This makes everyone’s job easier without costing the company any more money.

– Joel Testa, COO, Testa Builders

Previous manual method is that we would print plans and submit to trade. We would give them 3 days to get pricing back to us. Then about 1-2 day time frame to get pricing into the system. With the Bid Management program, it takes me only 20 minutes initially to set up a bid, attach documents to them publish to the bid. Our trades are required to get the bid back within 48 hours. If we accept their bid then it only take seconds to upload pricing.

Factoring in all resources used, I would say about $2400 per bid in savings! And, it only took about 20 minutes to teach ourselves how to use the software. Because of our extensive use of the Trade Portal we require that all our trade partners have internet access. The people that have received bid requests have all responded positively. This saves them time and money also. We attach our plan documents in a dwf file and this way they don’t have to print plans either.

– Deborah Yeargin, Director of Purchasing, Vintage Homes LLC

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