MiTek’s BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity Now Offer a Full Range of Architectural Drafting & Plan Services

Home Builders of All Sizes Use BuilderMT PlanServices™
• Plan Creation and Plan Library Maintenance • Plan Editing/Redlines and Lot Specific Drawings • BIM Services – conversion and creation • Rendering – Interior and Exterior • Takeoffs and Estimating Services

BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity now offer a full range of home building architectural and plan drafting services, to provide home builders with baseline documentation and estimating services required for building code, planning, and construction.

Richard Boothman and the BuilderMT Plan Services group changed our business. We are now ahead of the curve with plan edits for our buyers. The turnaround time was a day, not weeks.


Jason Stirtz
Purchasing Manager
Boise Hunter Homes

BuilderMT PlanServices™, the architectural drafting and plan services complement (but can be purchased separately from) the BuilderMT ModelExpert™ module.

BuilderMT PlanServices™ offers home builders a wide range of services that are likely costing them time and money to keep in-house!

With turnaround times measured in hours, not days or weeks, BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity architectural drafting and plan services represents a range of outsource offerings:

BuilderMT PlanServices™ offers both 2D and 3D drafting. Our BuilderMT PlanServices™ team can immediately step in to assist in production of plan sets for permitting or customer sign-off, relieving home builders of the drafting loads from their in-house teams.
BIM Services
BIM Services
BuilderMT PlanServices™ offers can help manage plan libraries, creation of master models, or lot-specific plan sets using the top BIM design tools in the home building market.
Estimating Services
Estimating Services
If you need accurate takeoffs/estimates, BuilderMT PlanServices™ offers now offers highly accurate takeoffs/estimates.
Red Lines
Red Lines
BuilderMT PlanServices™ offers fast turnaround on “red lines” so customers’ last-minute changes to lot-specific plans can be accommodated.

The BuilderMT Plan Services Group took our site-specific plans and streamlined the drafting process, which Elite Built Homes used to move from its master plan set, to lot-specific plan sets, to sending the plans to the field to mitigate errors in construction. What used to take more than a week is now turned around in 24 hours. The quality and timeliness created a seamless transition.


Geoff Scholl
Director of Purchasing
Elite Built Homes 

BuilderMT PlanServices™ offers fast turnaround, measured in hours, not days or weeks!

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